Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Malay Wedding Tradition & Wedding Gifts (Hantaran)

My wedding is coming up.  I want to tell a bit about my experience in order to make it happen.  It seems that my family doesn't follow the Malay Tradition in Malaysia.  By the way, I list down the Malay Tradition in getting married for your reference:

1. Merisik
2. Bertunang
3. Bernikah
4. Walimatulurus/Kenduri Bersanding.

As for me, I experience the other way, a bit modern I think. 

First, my future husband come and meet my family for the first time.  Tell you what, he is so gentleman.  He come to my house alone during Hari Raya with all my aunts, uncle and cousin around.

After some while, he come for the second time.  Also alone.  This time, it's interview time.  He've been interviewed by my parents for hours... but he still calm.. Proud of him do much.

Until then, he never met my parents but we will have a family gathering between my family and his family.  This time, his family just bring a ring.  That's all.  I think this is what we call as Merisik.  This time, our family will decide when will the event take place.

After that, Nikah day after 1 month of Merisik. Then the Kenduri will take place 6 month after. 

So I have list down my list of Wedding Gifts (Hantaran) checklist for me as a Malaysian.  For those who are getting married, this could be your reference.

Wedding Gift (Hantaran) for Him (9 Trays)
1. Shirt + Slack + Tie
2. A Pair of Shoes
3. Perfume + Toiletries
4. Sejadah + Tafsir + Kiblat Compass
5. Watch
6. Rayban
7. Belt + Wallet
8. Chocs
9. Cake

Wedding Gift for Her (Me ;) ) (7 Trays)
1. Perfume + Toiletries
2. Shades + Watch
3. Sejadah + Telekung
4. Handbag + Purse
5. Duit Hantaran
6. Sirih Junjung
7. Fruits

Altogether costs us around RM 3000++.  So, loving couple out there, I advice that you have this certain amount of money to buy gifts.  This total cost I get during Chinese New Year Sale.  If not, maybe the price will be much higher.

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